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Home Inspectors Look at Houses with a Trained, Critical Eye

Many potential buyers and sellers opt to have a licensed home inspector check out a property before the purchase is made. Although most of home inspectors’ clients are potential home buyers, some sellers also hire them to identify problems that need correcting and to provide an enticement to buyers.

This unbiased, professional look ensures that the property doesn’t have undetected flaws. Inspectors are trained to look at many elements of a home, including the roof, plumbing, electrical system, and more. They check to see that every faucet works and all the kitchen appliances operate, from the dishwasher to the microwave. They even go into that much-dreaded crawl space. Some, but not all, home inspections include checking for environmental problems such as radon or lead paint.

Limiting your risk

A home inspection is a prudent part of the home-buying process, but it’s not a guarantee or a warranty. It doesn’t completely eliminate your risk or predict what will happen in the future, although an inspection does help reduce your risk and provide valuable, third-party information about a home’s condition.

Inspectors are trained to spot issues and report them to their clients. They might suggest a possible cause of the problem if it’s obvious, but their job is not to diagnose or fix the problem.

Learning about the home

Accompanying an inspector as he or she checks out a home is an excellent way to learn more about the property. You’ll be able to see a problem that the inspector spots and ask questions about it.

The inspector will give you a copy of his or her report. It’s essential that you read this document carefully, ask any questions you may have, and follow the recommendations listed.

If you’re thinking about buying or selling a home, having it inspected is an important part of the process that shouldn’t be skipped. For buyers, it can help identify problems that affect the price you’re willing to pay or whether you want to buy the home at all. For sellers, an inspection gives potential buyers confidence in your home’s condition and lets it gain an edge over competing properties on the market.

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