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Real Estate Promotion – Using Email to Reach Your Clients

Competition in the real estate market is fierce. Brokers are constantly looking to find new business while also maintaining good relationships with existing clients. Traditional marketing methods still work, but an effective online strategy is absolutely essential if you want to keep up with the times. While social media can be an excellent tool, using email is still one of the best ways to build strong relationships with potential clients. Email might not feel like a modern, cutting edge strategy but, used correctly, it can easily become your go-to method for gaining business.

Build Your List

The first step in any successful email marketing campaign is to build your list. Many real estate websites include an email opt-in form as an afterthought, but you will get better results if you direct your traffic directly into your email sequence. Paid traffic can be sent straight to an email squeeze page and blog posts can conclude with a request to join your newsletter. Typically, email marketing is only really effective if you make it a prominent part of the marketing effort, so don’t be afraid to ask people to join your list. If you can find a way to incentivize joining your list, such as a downloadable free gift, you will usually experience far better results.

Create Your Newsletter

Writing new emails will be a drain on your time, so it is far better to create a newsletter sequence that can be sent out to all new subscribers as they join your list. You can create an evergreen sequence by avoiding anything that is time-specific or related to a recent news event. While you do want to sell yourself to your readers, email marketing is a longer process where subtlety can be a powerful force. Focus on educating your readers, building a relationship, and increasing the email open rates, so when you do send out a pitch the response rate should be far higher. If you are struggling for ideas, curated content from other blogs or video sites can be a quick way to stay in touch and provide some value.

Test Your Results

There is a very high chance that your first attempts at writing a newsletter will not be your best. Thankfully, most autoresponders include testing facilities and statistical analysis to make life easier. Split testing different subject lines is a great way to learn how your subscribers react to a message landing in their inbox, and setting goals for each message will clearly indicate how effective the email is. With enough data, testing should be able to give you a fairly clear idea of the value of each subscriber to your real estate business. This is hugely important in understanding how much money you can invest in accruing new subscribers to your list.

Email marketing might not feel like a state-of-the-art technique, but it still provides some of the most effective results. The real estate business still relies on relationship building, with compelling email communication helping develop trust and credibility with clients. Over time, you should have a tailor-made email sequence that provides consistent, long-term results when it comes to developing leads, building relationships, and making sales.

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