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Real Estate Technology – Innovative Advances for Realtors

Do you sell real estate for a living? Or are you a mortgage broker responsible for an entire network of Realtors? There are numerous changes happening within the real estate sector, thanks to entrepreneurs and web/mobile developers creating new products and services. If you want to be at the forefront of changes within your industry, following are a few resources you might want to investigate for your business:

Rubicon Media

Rubicon Media is bringing virtual reality to real estate shopping. The product Rubicon Media is developing allows home buyers to ‘walk’ through virtual home tours using an Oculus Rift headset ( Perfect for developers pre-selling units that have yet to be built, this cool technological innovation will allow consumers to imagine how their potential home might look instead of having to look at plain old blueprints.



Zovue is creating a real estate search tool that will allow Realtors to search across both domestic and international property listings. Searchers will be able to find properties for sale in a dozen languages with access to over half a million listings. Detailed data on properties will include everything from local attractions to cost of living information. Zovue is currently accepting requests for early access.



Realy offers a mobile-first service to both real estate agents and customers. Currently available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phones, Realy will also soon be available for Google Glass devices. Potential buyers are able to search on their mobile devices for anything from geo-targeted agents to foreign language Realtors. Realy integrates with Facebook, so customers are able to read about and comment on homes they like. The Realy platform offers agents multiple mobile app tools including direct call interfaces, social media integrations, and the ability to offer exclusive listings to their mobile-enabled customers.


The above-listed companies are just a tiny peek at the innovation that is currently happening within the real estate sector. Discovering these new tools before other Realtors just might be what you need to grow your reputation as a thought leader within your industry. If potential clients are unsure who they want to sell their home, your reputation as a forward-thinker might be exactly what they need to convince them to sign with you. Dive into these intriguing new tools for yourself; your real estate commissions just might increase thanks to your new knowledge.

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