The Secrets to Selling Your Home


The Secrets to Selling Your Home

You’ve decided that you want to sell your house and like most people, your goal is to sell it quickly and for as much money as possible. There are some important decisions you need to make in order to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Listen to the advice of your agent, they have your best interests in mind and they are there to guide you through the process.

#1 – Price Your House Based on Data

Many sellers have a price in mind that they think their house is worth. Unfortunately, for most people this is based on emotion. Your real estate agent will present you with comparable home sales in your neighborhood. They will find homes with similar features, size, finish and location to determine the value of your house. This is similar to the methods used by a home appraiser. If you want to price your house slightly above recent sales in your area, that’s okay, just don’t get carried away. In certain housing markets, your agent may suggest pricing it below similar homes in order to bring in multiple offers to bid up the price.

#2 – Make it Bright and Light Throughout the House

When putting your house on the market we always suggest that you replace all of the lightbulbs with the highest wattage the fixture allows. Whenever we show the house we suggest that you turn all of the lights on prior to leaving for the showing. Most buyers prefer a light and bright house and you can give this to them by simply leaving the lights on and using high watt bulbs. It is also important that all of the drapes, blinds and curtains are fully open to allow natural light to shine through the house.

#3 – Hide Your Pets and All Their Stuff

Not everyone loves cats or dogs and some people are allergic or scared of animals. You may have heard that some real estate agents will bake cookies prior to holding an open house. The reason for this is to make sure the house smells inviting to potential buyers. There is nothing worse than walking into a house and smelling dog urine or a cats litter box. We understand that many people have pets, but it is essential that you keep things out of site and super clean for potential buyers. Also, don’t leave your dog at home in its kennel during showings. It isn’t very inviting to have a dog barking from their kennel while viewing your home.

#4 – Don’t Spend Too Much Remodeling Prior to the Sale

Small home improvements and remodeling projects prior to putting your home on the market will yield the highest rate of return. If you spend too much, you likely won’t recuperate the money you invest. Fresh paint is always a great investment, especially if you are able to do a quality job yourself. If you are not confident that you can do a quality paint job, consider hiring a professional, it won’t cost much and you’re sure to get great results.

What are some of the things you recommend to clients prior to listing their house for sale? We welcome ideas from local real estate agents in the comments section.

  • Carolyn Haskins
    Posted at 19:19h, 06 November Reply

    My real estate agent recommended that I paint the entire interior of my house prior to listing if for sale. I really don’t want to spend the money. Can’t I just sell the house as-is?

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