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Top 5 iOS Paint-Picking Apps for Home Sellers

Are you considering selling your home but know the interior requires painting before placing your property on the market? Do you want to improve your chances of a fast sale by sprucing up the color of key rooms like your kitchen and bathroom? Rather than settle for a bland tone like builder’s beige, you can use a mobile app to help pick new colors for your home’s interior. There are a number of helpful paint-picking apps at your disposal. Following are five terrific iOS options you can consider adding to your iPhone or iPad:

Paint My Place

Offered by Custom Mobile Apps, the Paint My Place app lets you visualize hundreds of different paint colors on the interior and exterior of your home. Take a picture with your smartphone camera, tap on virtual paint colors, and instantly see how your rooms would look painted in a different color.



Available from Ugg Development, the PaintPicker application lets you view different hues of colors to help you choose exactly the right shade. Use your smartphone’s camera to capture images of your furniture or bathroom fixtures, and then use PaintPicker’s hue sliders to create the perfect color. This nifty app will advise you which paint manufacturers carry colors closest to the shade you have just created on your smartphone.


Color Capture

Offered by Benjamin Moore, the Color Capture app lets you take pictures of color inspirations and then offers you details on the Benjamin Moore paints similar to your inspirational item. This nifty application also offers you information on coordinating colors so you can paint everything from a feature wall to window sills and wainscoting.


Dulux Visualizer

Available from AksoNobel Decorative Coatings, the Dulux Visualizer app lets you take pictures of your home and then visualize a variety of Dulux paint colors inside your home. Choose a new color for your bathroom, find the perfect color for your sunroom, or imagine your living room in a fabulous shade to match new furniture.



Available from Sherwin Williams, the ColorSnap app lets you view over 1,000 paint colors to find the perfect shade for your home. You can customize the color saturation of your preferred paint color and can alter the hue also. This helpful app also lets you scan barcodes on Sherwin Williams paint colors and then lets you visualize your scanned paint color in your own home.


Using a mobile app to choose a paint color is a terrific way to combine technology and home decorating. You can update the look of your home prior to listing your property for sale without having to hire an interior decorator to coordinate your look. Do you think you will be adding any of the above-listed paint-picking apps to your smartphone or tablet?

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