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Top 5 Social Networks for Real Estate Agents 

As a real estate agent, you know that social media is a critical way to get home listings seen by a wider audience and make more real estate sales. Each of these social networks helps your home listings get seen by a wider audience and lets you create a “brand image” that makes house hunters and home sellers in your area think of you when they need help from a real estate professional. Use all five to get the most mileage from your investment in social media.

  1. Trulia – Real estate platform Trulia aggregates real estate data so that house hunters and house sellers can get real-time information on homes and apartments for sale near them. Putting your real estate listings on Trulia can help you generate the most interest in these listings, attract new clients, and also connect with other real estate professionals who are using Trulia to advertise their services.
  1.  Zillow – Like Trulia, Zillow brings real estate professionals, home sellers, and home buyers together. You can create a free listing, which is active for 60 days, and add unlimited photos and a description of the property. Zillow allows interested parties to contact you directly. When you want to get the biggest draw for an open house, and generate the best possible offer on homes for sale, this is your best bet.
  1. Facebook – As the social network with the highest number of users, Facebook is a must for Realtors who want to grow their reach and their business. To protect your privacy, create a business page to represent you professionally on Facebook. Then use the site to advertise your business’ contact information and website, and develop your brand by sharing content related to homes for sale and real estate industry trends in your area.
  1. Twitter – Twitter is the place to mingle with thought leaders and industry influencers. For real estate agents, a Twitter presence can influence your brand’s image as cutting edge, help you find out about real estate trends or demographic shifts as they are happening, and give you a real-time platform for sharing real estate news. Use Twitter to share links to new home listings, open houses, price reductions, and more, and to connect with industry experts and network with like-minded real estate pros.
  1. LinkedIn – The more people you know in the industry, the more successful you can be. This makes LinkedIn a leading social media network for Realtors. Start a LinkedIn presence by building your profile, which should list your credentials, education, skills, interests, and work experience. Jump into the conversation by sharing content you’ve created with your LinkedIn connections and joining LinkedIn groups geared toward real estate professionals.

When getting started with these top five social networks for Realtors, remember that consistency is key. Simply signing up for the service and never visiting your page won’t help. Be prepared to show up, spend time on the platforms, and engage with other users to grow your reach, your influence, and your income.

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